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The Sad People and the Nice Day


I decided this time to actually read a real story. Granted, it's a story I wrote. But it's not one of those make-em-up-as-you-go-along types that I've been giving you so far. I write a lot. I also talk a lot. I thought, why not combine the two. Also, instead of a closing song. I've actually scored this entire podcast.

The story in the podcast is the title of the podcast as well. "The Sad People and the Nice Day". It feels like a kids story but I make sure there's just enough cursing in it so only adults will listen. Because this story is about remembering what it that you're sad about and finding something that makes you happy. It's about twice as long as my normal podcast. Think as a free, short audio book of a first draft of a short story as read by the author while laying down in the back of a parked trolley during rush hour on a sunny summer weekday in downtown Chicago.

I apologize in advance for the apologies in the podcast. I was really having a hard time remembering who had what voice. I'm sure there will be questions about who is who. Bring them on. But first, please listen to me read one of the thousand stories I've probably written in my life. One of only a very very few that I've ever read out loud for podcast or any other reason.

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